ages 5 and up

Diameter: 70mm
XaXa weight: 75g
Xa weight: 38g

XaXa colors:
Xa colors:
orange, purple, green

Core: polycarbonate
Skin: TPR
100% phthalates and latex free

Alex Hochstrasser

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XaXa™ (pronounced "Ksa·Ksa") is designed to stimulate the senses. It's for playful, curious people, jugglers, dancers, performers – for kids of all ages. The adaptable balls invite you to experiment and explore: Fill them with different objects to change their sound or weight and mix or match colors to get the look you like!
The core of XaXa is made of shock-resistant, clear plastic that is protected by a super-elastic rubber skin. This soft skin makes the balls pleasant to touch and easy to catch. It is so stretchy and durable that the core can easily be popped out of one of the holes.

Xa™ the rubber skin is also available without the core ball. You can invent your own toy by combining it with other objects. Add a balloon inside and the ball becomes super bouncy, colorful stockings turn it into a flying meteor or a put a water soaked sponge inside and let the fun begin on a hot summer day...