ASTROJAX is a fascinating game all about action, rhythm and your own personal style. Three balls with special metal weights inside connected with a string is all you need to perform the most amazing tricks. Let them orbit around each other and try to invent new swinging patterns. At night it gets even more exciting with the light-up version SATURN.

Astrojax PLUS:
Soft PU-Balls with precision-machined metal core.
Best for body and rebound tricks and general training.
colors: blue, red

Astrojax V-MAX:
Smooth polycarbonate balls for fast action.
colors: ruby, ice blue and lime.

Astrojax SATURN
Light-up version with 2 LEDs each. 3 colors (red, green and yellow) and 2 modes: continuous and disco strobe.

BLUE DIAMOND version with all extra-bright blue LEDs


Larry Shaw

Design and accessories: Alex Hochstrasser

where to buy
ages 6 and up
Astrojax on YouTube

interactive learning program with
100 tricks and player videos

Astrojax Jewel Box Edition

Learning Tools
Interactive learning CDs with 30 basic and 50 advanced tricks.
Mac + PC compatible.

Astrojax Tuning
Design your individual Set of Astrojax with one of our Tuning Kits.
Astrojax Fashion