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Check out the new online community for people who love to play. Learn new tricks, share ideas and meet other players from around the world.

[YO]² TRIPLE MOON - The Sharpest Swiss Pocket Tool!
Our patented Switch Technology is now also available in a slick new design that feels great in your hand and neatly fits in your pocket.

para2 ONE

The first back & forehand Paddleball
YOU and ACTIVE PEOPLE will lead this game to a new dimension. Now the first presentation in the US on the inventors platform of Grommet, go to news.

Playing is an attitude and many of you like to share your passion.
We are looking for active friends who want to spread and teach AP products and spirit.


We kick as well!
Test the new, soft and bouncy BRAZIL edition or Samba (version Germany), it's fun and save to train your body-and-rebound tricks. Who will be the Champion?

(YO)2 Triple Moon